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25 January 2012 @ 09:52 pm
Nomination period now open!  

The time has finally come - you may now submit your nominations for the 2011 CMFFAs!

- To nominate fics, please fill out the nomination form provided below. PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK TO THE FIC IN YOUR NOMINATION! This is very important, as readers need to be able to read the fic before voting for it.

- Authors of nominated fics will be notified of their nomination shortly after it is received and their permission will be requested to include their fic(s) in the awards. Once the nomination period has ended and all fics have been verified, a voting list with links to each fic will be posted.

- An example nomination is as follows:

Screen Name: randomvoter10 Affiliated Site: www.fanfiction.net

Best Humour: "The One Where Morgan Tackles an Airplane and Hotch Takes the Team Out For Ice Cream" by casper0909 - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/49592354/1/Tackle

- The nomination period ends February 8, 2012 at 11:59 MST.

- Please EMAIL your nomination form to cmfanficawards@gmail.com (if emailing, you MUST include you screen name and what site it applies to e.g., ff.net, CM Fan Wiki, The Profilers, CMF Message Board CBS.com, etc). Please do not PM your forms to me; while this was allowed in previous years, because there are two of us modding this year, to ensure that there is no nomination tampering, the forms need to be available to all of us mods at the email above.

- Please read the rules before submitting a nomination ballot! Remember - you do not have to submit a nomination for every category.

Some general reminders from last year:

- When nominating for 'Best Portrayal of a Main Character', or 'Best Portrayal of a Supporting Character', please remember to include which character you think it is best portraying. Also, remember that 'Main Character` and 'Supporting Character' refers to the characters's role in the T.V. show, not in the fic. For a list of which characters are considered 'Main Characters', please refer to the 'category descriptions' post.

- When nominating for 'Best Author Team-Up', please remember that you are nominating a specific fic written by two authors - not just the authors themselves. We need a specific example of their work together, so please include a fic and link in your nomination.

- When nominating for 'Best Series', remember that a series means two or more fics written as sequels to each other. Though you're only submitting the link to the first fic in the series, a single multichapter fic does not qualify as a series by itself - there must be other sequels/prequels in existence.

- Double-check the category descriptions before submitting. I really don't want to have to throw out nominations because they didn't fit the requirements.

If you are uncertain about whether a specific fic/type of fic qualifies, please contact me and I'll try and clear it up for you! I'd rather you run it by me than having to throw out a nomination that didn't meet the requirements.

Note: When nominating, it is easy to consider only the most recent fics you have read, but please make an effort to look for your favourites from the entire year. These are awards for all of 2011, and the best results will come from presenting the top fics from the entire year.

Screen Name: ___________ Affiliated Site (if not sending through LJ): ___________

Best New Author:
Best Author Team-Up:
Best Author Overall:
Best Drabble:
Best Oneshot:
Best Multichapter:
Best Casefic:
Best Series:
Best Work-in-Progress:
Best Comedy:
Best Drama:
Best Tragedy/Angst:
Best Alternate Universe:
Best Parody:
Best Het Romance #1:
- Pairing:
Best Het Romance #2:
- Pairing:
Best Slash Romance #1:
- Pairing:
Best Slash Romance #2:
- Pairing:
Best Femslash Romance #1:
- Pairing:
Best Femslash Romance #2:
- Pairing:
Best Het Smut/Sex Scene #1:
- Pairing:
Best Het Smut/Sex Scene #2:
- Pairing:
Best Slash Smut/Sex Scene #1:
- Pairing:
Best Slash Smut/Sex Scene #2:
- Pairing:
Best Femslash Smut/Sex Scene #1:
- Pairing:
Best Femslash Smut/Sex Scene #2:
- Pairing:
Best Crossover:
Best Death Scene/Story:
Best Portrayal of a Main Character:
Best Portrayal of a Supporting Character:
Best Friendship Fic:
Best Team Fic:
Best Original Character:


1. Best New Author
- The best new author to the Criminal Minds fandom. Must have started posting CM fics online during 2011. (Please include a link to their user profile.)

2. Best Author Team-Up
- For round-robins and collaborative works between two or more authors. (Prizes will be awarded to each member of the team.)

3. Best Author Overall
- The very best author in the fandom; based on quality of work, not necessarily number of fics. (Please include a link to their user profile.)

4. Best Drabble
- Must be shorter than 500 words in length.

5. Best Oneshot
- Must be longer than 500 words in length.

6. Best Multichapter
- Must be two or more chapters and longer than 100 words. Cannot be incomplete (Work-In-Progress) and must have been updated during 2010.

7. Best Casefic
- The best fic focusing on an original case (not from the show). Can be any length/character/genre/pairing/etc.

8. Best Series
- The best series of two or more fics, designed in sequel fashion and centering around similar plot/characters/themes/etc. Fics in the series may be oneshots or multichapters. Work-in-progress series (a series of fics that is ongoing or where the latest fic in the series is uncomplete as of December 31st, 2011) are eligible, provided that the series has been updated (new fic(s)/chapter(s) added) during 2011. (Please submit the name of the series of applicable and the title and link of the first fic in the series.)

9. Best Work-In-Progress
- The best fic that was originally posted/updated during 2011, but is incomplete as of December 31st, 2011. Must be a single fic and have indications that the author planned to write more. Does not apply to a series of fics that is incomplete. Can be any length/character/genre/pairing/etc.


10. Best Comedy
- The funniest fic of any length/character/pairing/etc. Includes humorous concept, dialogue, or plot.

11. Best Drama
- The best dramatic fic of any length/character/pairing/etc. A fic with serious content that may depict real-life situations.

12. Best Tragedy/Angst
- That angsty fic that makes you want to cry/raid the kitchen for comfort food. Includes sad, emotional, and mentally gut-wrenching fics. May be any length/character/pairing/etc.

13. Best Alternate Universe
- The best fic where one or more factors deviate strongly from canon. This can involve the fic being in a different time period than the show, team members not being in the BAU, 'What If?' scenarios, etc. May be any length/character/pairing/etc.

14. Best Parody
- Poking fun at the BAU and their counterparts. May also include parodies of other works (movies/genres) using CM characters.

15. Best Het Romance
- The best het fic of any length/character/het pairing/etc. Can include other types of pairings, but must focus on het.

16. Best Slash Romance
- The best slash fic of any length/character/slash pairing/etc. Can include other types of pairings, but must focus on slash.

17. Best Femslash Romance
- The best femslash fic of any length/character/femslash pairing/etc. Can include other types of pairings, but must focus on femslash.

18. Best Het Smut/Sex Scene
- Must be male/female pairing. (Warnings and ratings will be posted alongside nominations and participants under 17 are asked to respect the restrictions regarding these ratings.)

19. Best Slash Smut/Sex Scene
- Must be male/male pairing. (Warnings and ratings will be posted alongside nominations and participants under 17 are asked to respect the restrictions regarding these ratings.)

20. Best Femslash Smut/Sex Scene
- Must be female/female pairing. (Warnings and ratings will be posted alongside nominations and participants under 17 are asked to respect the restrictions regarding these ratings.)

21. Best Crossover
- The best crossover between CM and another series (book/television/movie/etc). Can be any length/character/pairing/etc.

22. Best Death Scene/Story
- That character death fic that leaves you wanting more. Fic that inflicts mental and emotional pain. Can be any length/character/pairing/etc.


23. Best Portrayal of a Main Character
- Includes Hotch, Reid, JJ, Garcia, Morgan, Prentiss, Rossi, Gideon, and Elle. (Please include which character you think it is best portraying in your nomination form.)

24. Best Portrayal of a Supporting Character
- Includes any canon character not mentioned above. (Please include which character you think it is best portraying in your nomination form.)

25. Best Friendship Fic
- The fic that best portrays the non-romantic relationship(s) between two or more canon characters. (Please include which character relationship(s) you think it best portrays in your nomination form.)

26. Best Team Fic
- The fic that best portrays the majority of the BAU equally, in all their team-like glory.

27. Best Original Character
- The best OC in a fic. Note: The character you are nominating can appear in more than one fic, but please only nominate the fic you think best portrays them. Fics must include CM character(s) in addition to the OC in order to qualify.


1. All fics nominated must have been originally posted during the year 2011. The only exceptions to this rule are work-in-progress/incomplete fics being nominated under either Best Work-in-Progress or Best Series. Any completed multi-chapter fics/series fics must have been updated during 2011.

2. Anyone is eligible to participate, provided they are a part of some form of Criminal Minds site, no anonymous nominations will be accepted. Please email your form to cm.fanficawards@gmail.com (you MUST include your screen-name and what site it applies to, i.e. LiveJournal, fanfiction.net, AO3, CM Fan Wiki, CBS.com, etc.).

3. You man nominate fics from LiveJournal, fanfiction.net, AO3, CM Fan Wiki, The Profilers, or any other online fan archive.

4. Authors CANNOT nominate timeselves/their own fics for any category. This includes using alternate accounts to nominate yourself. Play fair, guys...won't it mean more if someone else nominates you?

5. You DO NOT have to fill out every category on the nomination list to participate. Only nominate in the categories you wish to nominate.

6. Please limit yourself to ONE nomination per category. Additional nominations will be discarded. Please see #7 for the exception to this rule.

7. For Best Het Romance, Best Slash Romance, Best Femslash Romance, Best Het Smut/Sex Scene, Best Slash Smut/Sex Scene, and Best Femslash Smut/Sex Scene, you will be allowed to nominate TWO fics. But, they MUST be two different pairings. If both are the same pairing, the second nomination will be discarded.

Any pairing with 3 or more nominated fics will become its own category to be judged and awarded as an individual entity. Any pairings with 2 or less nominated fics will have those fics conglomerated into a Best Rare-Pair category.

8. R/M/NC-17/FRAO fics ARE allowed. These ratings will be posted alongside the nominations. Anyone under 17 is encouraged to respect the restrictions regarding these ratings.

9. The same author/fic CAN be nominated for more than one category (for the same or for different fics). The same author can also be nominated more than once in a single category for different fics.

10. Limit of ONE nomination form submission per user, this includes the use of multiple screen-names. Additional forms will be discarded.

11. A single nomination for any category is an automatic winner by default.

12. Everyone who nominates will enjoy anonymous standing, so don't feel guilt about nominating that Morgan/Foyet fic you love so much. ;)

13. An author who recieves a nomination alert and would like to be included in the competition MUST reply before February 9. All f-locked nominated fics must be unlocked by this time. One-time acceptance of a nomination will cover all further nominations for that author, unless the nominated author specifies otherwise. If you DO NOT want your fic(s) included in the competition, please send back a message indicating this.


1. What if the fic I want to nominate was posted on one site (ex. LiveJournal) during 2011, but was also posted during an earlier year on a previous site (ex. fanfiction.net)? Does it still qualify as being posted in 2011?

Sorry, but no. In order to be eligible, fics must be posted to the internet during 2011, the exception being WIP/incomplete fics nominated under 'Best Work-in-Progress' or 'Best Series' and completed multi-chapter/series fics, which must have been updated during 2010. All submitted nominations will be checked for original posting date on any site, so please double-check that your nomination qualifies before you submit it.

2. When nominating for Best Series, do all of the fics in the series have to be from 2011?

No. As with WIPs, a series of fics can be included in the competition as long as it has been updated during 2011 (ex. A new fic in the series has been published or additional chapters have been added.) This does not include editing of previously published chapters; significant new content must have been added during 2011.

3. The fic I want to nominate isn't fully written yet (WIP/incomplete fic) as of December 31st, 2011. Can I still nominate it?

Only in the Best Work-in-Progress or Best Series (provided the incomplete fic is the latest in a series of fics) categories. Fics that have not been fully posted as of December 31st, 2011, are not eligible for nomination in categories other than those.

4. The fic I want to submit is actually a series of one-liners/short drabbles/vignettes. Does it still count as one fic or do they each have to be nominated seperately?

If a collection of prompts/short drabbles/one-liners/vignettes are originally posted as one complete fic (i.e. 100Sentence challenge, 5prompts challenge, etc.), they will count as one fic nomination on your form. This does not include a series of unrelated drabbles that just happened to be posted at the same time by an author. If you wish to submit them for best drabble or best one-shot, eligibility will be determined based on total word-count of the entire fic (drabble = 500 words or less, one-shot = more than 500 words). These fics will also be eligible under most other categories, regardless of word-count, provided that they meed the other requirements for that category.

5. Can I nominate a drabble for a category other than 'Best Drabble'?

Yes. Drabbles can be nominated under any category, provided that they meet the requirements for that category (i.e. genre, pairing, length, etc.).

6. The author whose fic I nominated rejected the nomination. Can I submit another nomination?

Sorry, but no. To keep things simple, there will be only one nomination ballot per user. It is the author's decision whether or not to accept the nomination.

7. The fic I nominated didn't meet the qualifications for the category. Can I submit another nomination instead?

Again, sorry, but no. The categories and their qualifications are clearly posted and it is up to the user to read through them thoroughly before submitting their nomination ballot. If you are uncertain about a particular category, please leave a comment here or send a message to either arwen_lalaith or inward_audacity or email us at cm.fanficawards@gmail.com and we will try to clear things up for you.

8. I don't have 33 fics to nominate/I don't want to nominate a fic for every category. Can I still submit a ballot with some empty spaces or do I have to full in all the nominations?

Understandably, there may not be enough of your favorite CM fics to fill every category; maybe there just weren't enough good fics this year in your opinion, maybe you don't feel comfortable submitting for certain categories (i.e. smut, slash, femslash, etc.), or maybe you just don't read certain types of fics (ex. AUs, OCs, etc.). But rest assured, you do not have to fill in all the nomination categories to submit a nomination ballot. Just fill in all the categories you wish/feel comfortable with. However, once you've submitted a ballot, you WILL NOT be allowed to submit another one or add additional nominations, so please be certain of your choices before submitting.

9. Can I nominate myself/one of my own fics for a category?

No, you will not be permitted to nominate yourself or your fics. This includes nominating yourself under a different screen-name. Anyone caught doing this will have their nominations thrown out. This is a peer-judged competition and, really, won't you feel better about yourself if someone else nominates your work?

10. I forgot to fill in some of my nominations/I want to change one of my nominations. Can I resubmit my nomination ballot?

Sorry, but no. To keep things simple (and us sane), only one ballot will be accepted per person. Therefore, you should be certain of your choices before submitting. If you think there might have been a computor glitch or some unforeseen circumstance when sending in your nomination ballot, please send us an email and we'll be happy to check it over for you.

Do you have any questions that weren't answered in the FAQ? Leave a comment here or send it to cm.fanficawards@gmail.com and we'll answer it as best we can.

PS: I sincerely apologize that this is AGES late and, ergo, for the lack of reminders about it...but my life is even shittier and more hectic than it was last year, so it kind of slipped my mind.  Not to mention that I had to rearrange things a little because people who were supposed to help me last year crapped out on me and I want to avoid a repeat of that.  But don't worry, you've still got the exact same amount of time for everything, it's just a little later than it should have been.  I promise to try very very hard to fix these issues for next year...assuming you guys still want me.

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